Stop destabilising Montenegro

07. September 2021

This weekend’s enthronement of Metropolitan Joanikije of Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) in the Cetinje Monastery demonstrated that the retrograde forces still use each and every opportunity to destabilise Montenegro.

The tensions and clashes in and around Cetinje caused by the political instrumentalisation of religion are utterly irresponsible and unacceptable. Aligned in its aim to overthrow the progressive, pro-EU and pro-NATO forces in the Montenegrin government, President Djukanović and his DPS satellites are fighting for prevention of future criminal investigation by creating inter-ethnic tensions, strongly underpinned by its former partner, President Vučić of Serbia, who further uses the SOC for its political ends in Montenegro.

While Montenegro has obligation to uphold both the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of religion of its citizens, it should not endure a warmongering campaign orchestrated by its President Djukanović and the Belgrade media which are under the control of President Vučić.

We strongly believe that the URA Movement and other progressive, pro-EU forces in Montenegro need vigorous international backing to resist these repeatedly destabilising efforts. We wholeheartedly hope that the Montenegrin security and intelligence forces coordinated by Deputy PM Dritan Abazović and his team members will further continue to preserve peace and stability of the country as well as deliver impressive results in the fight against the organised crime.

Montenegro shall continue its EU integration and much-needed reform work that will deliver justice, prosperity to its citizens and peaceful coexistence of multi-ethnic and multi-confessional society.