Statement about the election of the new government of Kosovo

03. Juni 2020

On 3 June the Parliament of Kosovo has voted for a new Prime Minister of Kosovo, after the decision of the Constitutional Court. 61 members from 120 voted in favour of Mr Avdullah Hoti of the LDK party.

Mrs. Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Member of the European Parliament, Standing Rapporteur for Kosovo has commented on the vote:

„I would like to wish a successful work for Mr. Avdullah Hoti and his government in Pristina. The government has a lot to do, these are crucial times both for domestic and international issues, I hope the new government will be able to execute reforms and work for a better Kosovo.

However, we cannot turn a blind eye on the circumstances of the election of Mr Hoti. The democratically elected members of the Parliament of Kosovo were under extremely big pressure from LDK leadership and from President Thaçi. Various sources claimed that the president visited personally those members of the Assembly, whose vote for the new government was not ensured. If these claims are true, it is a very bad signal and shows that the role of the Parliament, which is guaranteed by the Constitution is undermined. As a parliamentarian myself, I find it unacceptable to pressure the democratically elected members of the Assembly. It is the very basis of our democracies that MPs can vote according to their free will and best conscience.“