Savez 90/Zeleni Srbije must stop misusing the identity of the German and European Greens

09. Februar 2022

It has been known for some time now that a party called “Savez 90/Zeleni Srbije” (Alliance 90/Greens of Serbia) operates in Serbia which copies the name, ideas and visual identity of the German Green party (BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN).

We want to make it clear that “Savez 90/Zeleni Srbije” is, without authorisation, using the name denomination, visual identity and credibility of the German Green Party in an attempt to deceive voters who are becoming more aware of the environmental issues in Serbia. With this statement we want to underline that neither the German Greens, nor the European Green Party have formal links nor any sort of cooperation with the “Savez 90/Zeleni Srbije” party.

We unequivocally welcome the rise of engagement among Serbian citizens to address the ecological problems in the country and commend their resolute fight for nature preservation and green issues, such as Defend the rivers of Stara planina movement, the protests against Rio Tinto or high air pollution.

Serbia does indeed have parties, movements and organisations that genuinely promote and nurture Green values and ideas. Among our natural and soon formal partners are “Ne Davimo Beograd” movement, “Together for Serbia” party, “Action” platform and the “MORAMO” coalition, who are at the forefront of the fight for green values and policies in Serbia.

The state of Serbian democracy requires a fundamental shift towards a more pluralistic, progressive and inclusive political environment. We condemn the creation of phantom movements and proxy parties that fraudulently use the identity and credibility of genuine green movements in Europe. The actions of Savez 90/Zeleni Srbije” (Alliance 90/Greens of Serbia) are not in line with EU democratic standards and values. As the official election period starts, we call for fair and free electoral campaigns that do not rely on misleading voters, but that prioritise our shared European values.


Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Greens/EFA

Thomas Waitz, Greens/EFA, European Green Party Co-chair

Philippe Lamberts, Co-President of the Greens/EFA

Reinhard Bütikofer, Greens/EFA

Tineke Strik, Greens/EFA

Romeo Franz, Greens/EFA

Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, Greens/EFA