On the Malcolm Simmons EULEX Allegations

15. Juli 2021

A few days ago, on July 12th – Former head judge for the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, Malcolm Simmons addressed the Kosovo Assembly to speak on allegations regarding the EULEX mission.

MEP Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel noted:

“Whilst acknowledging the importance of whistle-blowers’ and their function in shedding light on wrongdoings of any kind – many questions arise with the allegations of Mr. Simmons. Among these are the systematic and calculated approach with which allegations were revealed- as well as failure to alert EU authorities on irregularities at the immediate moment he was cognisant of these.

The duality in expressing the desire to share information, but also systematically using generalising statements with very little sound basis, serve only to fuel disinformation and mistrust in the relevant institutions – such as the witness protection program. Furthermore, the fact that Mr Simmons chose to address the Kosovo National Assembly, as opposed to forwarding any information to the relevant bodies concerned – Simmons’s methodology only serves for us to question his real motives in creating this web of convoluted stories.

Despite the discomfort of these claims, it is in our interest to establish the full extent of the picture by having all the parties involved and heard in the process. To contribute to this end, an in-camera hearing should take place within the European Parliament, so that the credibility of our institutions is safeguarded at all times. In spite of this particular situation, I have full trust in the Kosovo Specialist Chamber as well as the Special Prosecutor’s Office and their full impartiality towards the case, and any case in general.”