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My plenary speech on the European Council meeting of 23-24 June 2022

23. Juni 2022

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President, Commissioner, Colleagues,

We all are witnessing once in a lifetime, generational shift in Europe’s history:

Ukraine is spilling blood, defending both Europe and itself from the imperial evil of Putin.

Moldova accepted thousands of refugees and is now resisting the huge economic pressure caused by the war.

Georgia was the first one in the region punished by Russia for its legitimate wish to become European.

The future of this continent is to be reshaped either according to our values or to Putin’s rules. Therefore, it is high time that the EU starts speaking the language of power and demonstrates its firmness and geopolitical credibility.

We have also a long-standing commitment towards the Western Balkan Six. Europe won’t be complete unless we deliver the concrete steps now regarding the promise of their European integration.

I call on all European leaders to take political responsibility and shape the Europe of tomorrow where the Western Balkans as well as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia have a place.

Thank you.