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My plenary speech on the EU-Moldova Association Agreement

23. Mai 2022

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President, Commissioner, Colleagues

Moldova is truly European. It has a European government that in a short time managed to make significant democratic improvements; it has generous people who received thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Despite being a progressive country, Moldova also faces many challenges. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and illegal military presence in Transnistria threaten Moldova. Poverty, corruption, and energy dependency make Moldova vulnerable. Even more so, the hybrid operations and disinformation coming from Moscow weaken Moldova’s political stability.

However, today is a historic moment to write a better future for the country. For this, the Moldavan Government needs to navigate through very difficult waters and the EU will be there to show the way.

We already helped to alleviate the pressure from Gazprom; to accommodate thousands of refugees; to support Moldova’s territorial integrity.

There is much more the EU can and should do. Most importantly, we need to make sure that the financial help actually arrives in Moldova. Speaking not only to President Sandu this morning, they reminded us how much we can help through our financial support. So why hasn’t Moldova received the funds we promised?

Moldova needs to continue pro-democratic reforms, combat corruption and uphold the fundamental freedoms. And make sure that democratic development creates a foundation for economic progress; so that Moldovans use their talents and skills to generate prosperity in their country.

I strongly believe in the European future of Moldova and for that to happen, we all need to secure its European present now.

Thank you!