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My plenary speech on the 2021 AFET Report on Serbia

06. Juli 2022

Thank you, President, Commissioner, Colleagues
Despite all efforts of the European Parliament, Serbia is not much more democratic than it was after the 2020 election boycott.

It is a country that still lacks genuine democratic plurality, media freedom and political culture, which will prepare it for the EU.

Yet, I don’t want to go into the details of the report, but instead would like to remind President Vučić about the utmost need to align with Europe on our common stance.

I truly believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a watershed moment in modern Europe. The EU expects from the new government full alignment in terms of foreign policy and the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

We must use this momentum to break Serbian ties with the Kremlin and help the country turn clearly towards the EU.

There are indeed forces in Serbia that represent the progressive, critical voices – either in politics or in the civil society, academia and media circles.

Our task is to make sure that they are heard, protected and have international support.

Thank you!

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