Life sentence for Ratko Mladić is an important step for justice

08. Juni 2021

Today’s verdict in the case of Ratko Mladić is an important step for transitional justice and in the process of prosecution of war criminals by the international community. Life imprisonment of Mladić is a step to bring justice for the victims of the Bosnian war. The process proves that we need international cooperation and the work of tribunals to make sure justice can be delivered in case of charges such as crimes against humanity and genocide. These war crimes are never unique, single events. Hatred, aggression and violence grew into these crimes; some of the leaders of those communities paved the way to the massacre of thousands of innocent people.

Unfortunately, glorification of war crimes is still very much present in the region, which makes it harder to reconcile with the past and build a European future for all in the Western Balkans. The international community has an important responsibility in providing frameworks for independent justice, which is free from political pressure. We should make sure that the EU act as a community of values and the Council should adopt visa ban on those politicians who deny genocide. International courts provides frameworks that are needed for impartial trials and their ultimate goal is to deliver justice for all communities, who were affected by these conflicts.

photo: EPA