19. März 2020

The junior coalition partner LDK the government of Kosovo has announced to call for a vote of confidence for the government of Mr Kurti, which has taken office less than 50 days ago. President Hashim Thaçi also wants to use the corona virus, by announcing state of emergency not only in order to gain more power but also to use this moment to remove the current Prime Minister from office.

The role of the European Union and the United States are crucial in this point.

Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, European Parliament’s standing rapporteur on Kosovo, member of the Greens/EFA group stated:

“President Thaçi and the coalition partner LDK members are both using the corona crisis as a pretext for their power games. The reason behind LDK leadership for calling for vote of no confidence is obviously not the question of how to handle the current crisis. They want to make sure that on the international stage the legitimate elected leader of the executive power, Prime Minister Albin Kurti will not be able to lead the international dialogue.

At a time of extraordinary circumstances and closure of borders, where normal political life is vastly suspended the coalition partners should set their differences aside and focus on measures against the spread of corona virus. LDK should consider suspending its decision on a motion of no confidence until after the end of the public health crisis.

It is the vital interest of the European Union and the US to have a stable and functioning government in Kosovo; a government which already showed its goodwill to cooperate with Belgrade and with the international actors. We should not be mistaken: this crisis is about who is sitting at the table in the dialogue. This is the task of the government, not any other actors. The US should not go over the government in order to protect their short-sighted business interest. We need to strive for stability and clear responsibilities, not shady backroom deals.”

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