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My plenary speech: Preparation of the European Council meeting 24-25 March 2022

Madame president, commissioner, colleagues,

Russian bombs in Ukraine are falling not only on kindergartens
and maternity wards but also on SILOs and tractors.

In today’s global world, a grain field burnt down
by Russia in Sumy spells hunger in Yemen.
Ukraine is a major exporter of wheat and other crops.
Poorest states in Africa are facing a looming famine,
because one man in the Kremlin wants to destroy a nation.

Millions of displaced Ukrainians, among them farmers who cannot
cultivate their land, are also on the verge of the humanitarian calamity.
While Russian bombs kill thousands,
Russian-caused famine endangers hundreds of millions.
China and also India contribute to skyrocketing grain prices
through excessive hoarding.

There is enough reason to be alarmed.
All international donors and organisations;
every responsible party has to act to prevent the catastrophe.

The EU has a responsibility to decrease meat production,
reduce live stock numbers and scrap mandatory admixture of biofuel.
This way the EU could at least mitigate a famine and a humanitarian disaster.

Thank you.