Greens in Belarus under attack

11. September 2020

Irina Sukhy on pro-democracy demonstration

Lukashenka‘s regime brutally retaliates against anyone showing resistance and bravery. Among thousands of arbitrarily and illegally detained are also our Green members from Belarus.

Irina Sukhy – a lifelong defender of Belarusian ecology and a relentless advocate against Astravets nuclear power plant – was detained last week on false accusations. Irina was actively opposing the Russian-constructed nuclear power plant on the Belarus-EU border due to the intransparent construction process, major construction incidents, and grave nuclear danger to which the plant exposes Belarus and the rest of Europe. This and Irina’s close ties with the peaceful protests allegedly became the reason for the arbitrary detention.

As a result of the collective efforts from Irina’s family, friends, and hundreds of people in and outside of Belarus, Irina was released today. While this positive news brings relief, we should remember that under Lukashenka’s regime no person standing for freedom of expression and democracy is safe. Over 50 political prisoners are exposed to cruel conduct and torture in Belarusian prisons while hundreds are being violently detained in raids every week.

We call on the European Commission and the leaders of the Member states to invigorate their support towards the peaceful protesters, openly and loudly call out President Putin on his backing of Lukashenka’s brutal regime, and galvanize the entire international community into opposing the dictator who blatantly stole the elections.