Campaign to #FreeKalesnikava

27. Januar 2021

To support Maria Kalesnikava in her righteous and peaceful fight against brutal dictatorship, MEP Viola von Cramon, togetehr with her colleagues, organised an online campaign.

Several dozen members of the European and German Parliaments demanded immediate and unconditional release of Maria Kalesnikava and other political prisoners. Some of these supporting messages are embeded below in a random order (click Weiterlesen/More).

The EU and its member states continue supporting People of Belarus in their fight for a free and fair country by imposing sanctions against the Lukashenka Regime and directing financial assistance towards the victims of the regime.


It has been over 4 months since @by_kalesnikava was arrested and detained without any legal basis or legitimate grounds. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Maria and all other political prisoners.#FreeKalesnikava #Belarus #жывебеларусь pic.twitter.com/Hd3i8Hf5SR

— Robert Biedroń (@RobertBiedron) January 21, 2021

Justice to Maria Kalesnikava at her court hearing today!

She's been detained by Lukanshenko's authorities for 4 months as one of the courageous women carrying the voice of Belarusians and their desire for democracy & freedom.#FreeKalesnikava & all other political prisoners! pic.twitter.com/cgEiEDTbuO

— Anna Júlia Donáth (@donath_anna) January 21, 2021

Maria #Kalesnikava is one of nearly 200 political prisoners held captive by Lukashenka’s brutal regime. We, the @EPPGroup, demand their immediate and unconditional release – justice must be restored!#FreeKalesnikava #WithBelarus pic.twitter.com/ePJ4tVmvr3

— Sandra Kalniete (@Kalniete) January 21, 2021

It's been over four months since #MariaKalesnikava was illegally detained after peacefully protesting against the Lukashenko Regime. Today she finally has her court hearing. We demand the immediate release of her & other political prisoners. #FreeKalesnikava #belarusprotests pic.twitter.com/EIeq92Vh5A

— Thomas Waitz (@thomaswaitz) January 21, 2021

It’s been 4 months since Maria was illegally detained by brutal Lukashenko regime.
Her rights are constantly violated.
Maria is a political prisoner, together with almost 200 people.
We demand the immediate release of Maria and others. #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/AZGFuW3IVg

— Rasa Juknevičienė (@RJukneviciene) January 22, 2021

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of the #Belarus opposition leader Maria Kalesnikava and other political prisoners and ceasing the brutal persecution against the political opponents. #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/gICVyUPVqo

— Diana Riba i Giner (@DianaRibaGiner) January 21, 2021

It’s been four months since Maria Kalesnikava was illegally detained.

We demand the immediate release of Maria and other political prisoners, and we call for free presidential elections?️.

❌Lukashenko must stop the brutal persecution!
We hear you #Belarus!#FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/OXrgGBTjJa

— Iratxe Garcia Perez /❤️ (@IratxeGarper) January 21, 2021

Maria Kalesnikava has been detained for over four months by Lukashenko’s regime for exercising her right to peaceful protest over rigged elections. She and all other political prisoners illegally detained in #Belarus must be released immediately. #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/yL6Kjas3Ej

— Hilde Vautmans (@hildevautmans) January 21, 2021

The #Belarus opposition leader Maria Kalesnikava has struggled for democractic rights only in a peaceful way. Nevertheless, she has been detained for over 4 months. We demand her immediate release and ceasing the persecution of political opponents #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/m05vjhjN7X

— Jordi Solé??? (@jordisolef) January 21, 2021

It's been over four months since Maria #Kalesnikava, political prisoner of the Lukashenka Regime, was illegally detained, and her basic rights are constantly violated. The regime should release all prisoners of conscience unlawfully detained #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/nBS9oA0y21

— Fabio Massimo Castaldo (@FMCastaldo) January 21, 2021

Maria Kalesnikava is one of the three women leading the #Belarus opposition movement. It's been over four months since she was illegally detained. I demand her immediate & unconditional release + an end to the brutal persecution of political opponents in Belarus! #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/dgHOehkhmp

— Hannah Neumann ? (@HNeumannMEP) January 21, 2021

Not all heroes wear capes. It's been >4 months since the opposition leader Maria #Kalesnikava was kidnapped&illegally detained in #Belarus. Activism cannot be censored. I call for her immediate release & new sanctions against #Lukashenko.#FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/nlDIsGbO9q

— Ramona Strugariu MEP (@RamonaStrugariu) January 21, 2021

Minęły ponad cztery miesiące, odkąd Maria Kalesnikava została bezprawnie zatrzymana.

Jej podstawowe prawa są nieustannie łamane, została odcięta od świata zewnętrznego, a korespondencja pisana przez uwięzioną lub do niej, nie dociera. pic.twitter.com/COpMoi5J4k

— Radosław Sikorski MEP ???? (@sikorskiradek) January 21, 2021

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Maria Kalesnikava and other political prisoners and ceasing the brutal persecution against the political opponents. #FreeKalesnikava #StandWithBelarus #BelarusSolidarity#FreeBelarus #Belarus2021 pic.twitter.com/ZYbNxMf5KQ

— Michaela Šojdrová (@msojdrova) January 21, 2021

Maria Kalesnikava has been illegally detained for over 4 months and deprived of her basic rights for peacefully defending democracy.

We demand her immediate and unconditional release and the end of brutal persecution of all political opponents in Belarus #FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/qOmTO7Lgw1

— Maria Arena (@MariaArenaEU) January 21, 2021

#MariaKalesnikava è stata arrestata dalla polizia bielorussa per aver fatto campagna elettorale contro il Regime di #Lukashenko
Mi unisco alla voce di chi ne chiede la scarcerazione immediata.⁰#FreeKalesnikava pic.twitter.com/iUzAHCJnCE

— Eleonora Evi (@EleonoraEvi) January 21, 2021