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12. Januar 2021

How to prepare for the Kosovo early elections in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic?

On 14 February Kosovo will held early parliamentary elections, after the Constitutional Court ruled that the formation of the last

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24. Juli 2020

Increasing SLAPP lawsuits in Kosovo

A certain type of legal actions, often referred as SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation), represents a considerable threat

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17. Juli 2020

Cross-party statement from the European Parliament to overcome Serbia’s political blockade

After receiving a request this week from the Serbian opposition to the EU institutions to further engage in the peaceful

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29. Juni 2020

Letter of MEPs to call Merkel and Seehofer for Kosovo visa liberalisation

32 Members of the European Parliament, from all major political parties have co-signed the letter, which is calling Mrs Merkel

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22. Juni 2020

Elections in Serbia proved that democracy is hollowed under Vučić

Serbia has held its national and municipal elections on 21 June, after they were postponed from April. Most of the

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16. Juni 2020

Statement of European Parliament’s Standing Rapporteurs for Kosovo and for Serbia

Brussels, 16 June 2020   “During the Covid-19 pandemic the EU has stood firmly by its partners in the Western

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15. Juni 2020

Kosovo: Government Crisis & Constitutional Shortcomings – a Never Ending Story?

Viola von Cramon-Taubadel MEP cordially invites you to join the webinar Kosovo: Government Crisis & Constitutional Shortcomings – a Never

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3. Juni 2020

Statement about the election of the new government of Kosovo

On 3 June the Parliament of Kosovo has voted for a new Prime Minister of Kosovo, after the decision of

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29. Mai 2020

Legal opinion: Formation of a New Government without Elections from the Perspective of Kosovar Constitutional Law

  The legal opinion by Constance Grewe, former judge at the Constitutional court of Bosnia and Herzegovina suggest that Kosovo’s

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5. April 2020

Webinar: Where Does Europe End? EU, Enlargement & Western Balkans

✔️ REGISTRATION: https://gruenlink.de/1q84 07.04 at 19:00 CET ? What is the future of the enlargement ❓ ? What role can

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