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19. Februar 2021

No Eurovision for Lukashenko’s TV

Lukashenko continues brutally supressing Human Rights and dignity in Belarus – therefore, we have to continue acting fast and decisively.

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16. Februar 2021

Letter to the Commission: Possible authorisation of “Sputnik V” in the EU

The authorization of a vaccine should be done through transparent empirical processes. So far, the testing phases of the so-called

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10. Februar 2021

Europäisches Parlament an UEC-Präsident Mr Cattaneo – Forderung der Verschiebung der Radrennen aus Belarus

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8. Februar 2021

Presseerklärung: Unterstützung für Belarus heute und morgen

Zum Internationalen Tag der Solidarität mit Belarus am 7. Februar 2021 in Göttingen Eine gemeinsame Presseerklärung der Europa-Union Deutschland Kreisverband

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5. Februar 2021

Unethical incident at the Georgian Parliament

The key members of the European Parliament working on Georgian issues (Sven Mikser, Andrius Kubilius, Markéta Gregorová, Michael Gahler, Petras

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29. Januar 2021

Eastern Partnership – Plenary Speech

At the end of the last year, we at the European Parliament, looked back to reevaluate the challenges in the

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28. Januar 2021

Kein blinder Fleck mehr auf der Europakarte

Zum internationalen Tag der Solidarität mit Belarus am 7. Februar 2021 in Göttingen Ein gemeinsames Statement der Europa-Union Deutschland KV

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27. Januar 2021

Campaign to #FreeKalesnikava

To support Maria Kalesnikava in her righteous and peaceful fight against brutal dictatorship, MEP Viola von Cramon, togetehr with her

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19. Januar 2021

Arresting Alexey Navalny – EP Plenary

Aleksey Navalny was now arrested because „he dared to be in coma“ after being poisoned by Vladimir Putin and his

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23. Dezember 2020

EU Parliament’s letter on BELARUS to the IIHF

Русский перевод письма внизу 51 Members of the European Parliament sent a letter to President of the International Ice Hockey

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