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6. July 2021

Berlin Process: Another Missed Opportunity For Real EU Credibility

On 5th July, 2021- Chancellor Angela Merkel held her last Berlin Process Summit together with states of the Western Balkans

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8. June 2021

Life sentence for Ratko Mladić is an important step for justice

Today’s verdict in the case of Ratko Mladić is an important step for transitional justice and in the process of

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25. May 2021

Once again, EU measures insufficient to counter Lukashenko

auf DE & EN While Lukashenko murders, tortures and rapes his people, hijacks and terrorizes European citizens, the European Council

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10. May 2021

Reconciliation in the Western Balkans must be a priority

Today (10 May) Foreign Affairs Council discusses the situation in the Western Balkans. There have been worrying messages coming from

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9. February 2021

A news with translation

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