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11. September 2020

Greens in Belarus under attack

Irina Sukhy on pro-democracy demonstration Lukashenka‘s regime brutally retaliates against anyone showing resistance and bravery. Among thousands of arbitrarily and

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29. August 2020

Press Release: Peaceful Protesters and the Kremlin’s Provocation

People of Belarus, in the past couple of months, showed the world the true meaning of peaceful protests. The last

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28. August 2020

MEP Viola von Cramon-Taubadel urges the Romanian Government to keep its promise

In May 2016 the Romanian Government established the Văcărești Natural Park in Bucharest, the first European nature park within a

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19. August 2020

Press Release: Situation in Belarus

Photo by Jana Shnipelson On the 9th of August presidential elections, people of Belarus made their choice. Despite unseen repressions and

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18. August 2020

Common Statement “We call for new and free elections in Belarus”

Foto von Aliaksei Paluyan Common Statement from EPP, S&D, Renew Europe, Greens/EFA and ECR « We call for new and

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17. August 2020

Videokonferenz zur Lage in Belarus

Auch wenn das Gespräch jetzt schon wieder drei Tage her ist und seitdem viel in Belarus passiert ist, ist hier

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14. August 2020

PM: Die Erwartungen der Belarus*innen an die EU dürfen wir nicht enttäuschen

EU-Außenminister-Krisengespräch zu Belarus Die Erwartungen der Belarus*innen an die EU dürfen wir nicht enttäuschen Heute Nachmittag beraten die EU-Außenminister in einer Videokonferenz die politische Lage

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11. August 2020

Gemeinsames Statement zu den belarussischen Präsidentschaftswahlen

Gemeinsam mit über 30 Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus dem Europäischen Parlament haben wir eine Pressemitteilung zu Belarus verfasst: Brussels, 11

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24. July 2020

Orbán is destroying the remaining Press Freedom in Hungary and the EU is letting it happen

The European Council’s decision to water down all references to rule of law conditionality in the next MFF was a

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2. July 2020

Systemic Political Pressure in Ukraine

Members of the European Parliament -Viola von Cramon and Petras Auštrevičius sent a letter to the European Commission urging them

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