My team


Margarethe Richter

As an office manager in Brussels, I have been a team member from the very beginning and, in addition to the most diverse administrative and organizational tasks, I oversee the content-related work at ITRE. Motivated by personal interest and the fact that some things have become a matter of the heart for me too, I accompany the work on all other topics as well as the countries that we focus on as much as possible and contribute when and in which Form whatever, my support is always asked for. I’ve been going through thick and thin with members of parliament for almost 20 years – and it’s still my dream job. In addition to this work, I was able to contribute my practical experience, for example as a co-author of the first German-language manual on the European Parliament and as a visiting lecturer at several universities of applied sciences. I studied economic geography in Munich and lived and worked in Switzerland and Austria before moving to Brussels.


Office Oldenburg

Stephan Christ

I’m Stephan Christ, a member of the Greens in the Cloppenburg district association since 2013 and I have been looking after western Lower Saxony from Viola’s European office in Oldenburg since July 2019. During my physics and chemistry studies in Oldenburg, I dealt more intensively with mobility and I am convinced that we can achieve a mobility turnaround – in the city and in the country. As a “child from the village” I am also concerned with the development of rural areas in all its facets. How can it remain attractive to young people? How do we create the necessary infrastructure? And especially here: How do we manage to transform the agricultural industry into sustainable, ecological and animal welfare-oriented agriculture?

Klaudia Hanisch

I manage Viola’s regional office in Heilbad Heiligenstadt in Northern Thuringia. There I organize events, maintain contacts with the green district associations, the Thuringian regional association and civil society in northern Thuringia and southern Lower Saxony. The exchange between federal states in East and West is particularly important to me. The current focus is on water scarcity, the protests in Belarus and right-wing populist movements. In addition to my work for viola, I am doing my doctorate in political science at the University of Göttingen, where I also work as a lecturer. As a green member, I get involved in working on a better diversity and migration policy. I myself was born and raised in Poland.

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