EU must act now to preserve peace in BiH

The Bosnian peace was paid by the lives of almost 100.000 people. The country that experienced worst crimes committed in



Wasser – das Gold der Zukunft: Infotreffen an der Odertalsperre und Wasserspaziergang an der Rappbodetalsperre am 28. August 2021

Viola von Cramon, MdEP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, OV Osterode und KV Harz laden im Rahmen der Debatte über den Harz als den größten




Viola von Cramon

As a student, I founded Apollo e.V. to offer young people in rural areas in Eastern Europe prospects. My international experience in the USA, China and Eastern Europe convinced me that a holistic view is necessary in order to work together on the closely interlinked problems and challenges of the future.
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