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Chinesische Investoren in Serbien schaden der Umwelt

EN below Der Einfluss Chinas ist nicht nur ein Sicherheitsrisiko, sondern dessen Investitionen ruinieren auch die Umwelt. Seit mit chinesischen Investments die serbische Schwerindustrie unterstützt wird, wie z.B. das Stahlwerk in Smederovo oder das Kohlekraftwerk in Kostolac, werden Umweltstandards missachtet…


Cross-party statement from the European Parliament to overcome Serbia’s political blockade

After receiving a request this week from the Serbian opposition to the EU institutions to further engage in the peaceful and politically sustainable resolution of the ongoing political crisis in Serbia and to facilitate creation of new instruments that would…


Elections in Serbia proved that democracy is hollowed under Vučić

Serbia has held its national and municipal elections on 21 June, after they were postponed from April. Most of the opposition parties has boycotted the elections; before the end of the counting, it seems that the governing coalition will have…


Kosovo: MEPs welcome lifting the tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is a crucial step, which will lead to the resumption of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, MEPs hope.