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Wir schauen nicht weg! Zweite Solidaritätskundgebung mit Belarus in Göttingen

Zum zweiten Mal rufen die Grüne Europaabgeordnete Viola von Cramon, die Europa-Union sowie erstmals eine Organisation der belarussischen Diaspora in Niedersachsen und die Deutsch-Polnische Gesellschaft zu einer Solidaritätskundgebung mit den Menschen in Belarus am 11. Oktober um 14 Uhr am…


Sanctioning Lukashenka’s regime: too late, too little

Belarusians and friends of Belarus protesting in front of the Embassy of Cyprus in Berlin (21.09.2020) At last, the Council’s long standoff over Belarus is over. Cyprus conceded and the EU will impose targeted sanctions against several dozens of Belarusian…


Greens in Belarus under attack

Irina Sukhy on pro-democracy demonstration Lukashenka‘s regime brutally retaliates against anyone showing resistance and bravery. Among thousands of arbitrarily and illegally detained are also our Green members from Belarus. Irina Sukhy – a lifelong defender of Belarusian ecology and a…


Press Release: Peaceful Protesters and the Kremlin’s Provocation

People of Belarus, in the past couple of months, showed the world the true meaning of peaceful protests. The last week’s demonstration, the largest in Belarus’ history, became an epitome of non-violence and unity. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators countered…


Press Release: Situation in Belarus

Photo by Jana Shnipelson On the 9th of August presidential elections, people of Belarus made their choice. Despite unseen repressions and intimidation attempts during the pre-election period, they voted against state brutality, violation of human rights, arbitrary imprisonments, corruption – they…


Hope for Belarus

After 26 years of Lukashenko’s dictatorship, people of Belarus demand change. Many new faces with different backgrounds are trying to register as candidates for the upcoming presidential elections on August 9. Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly), Lukashenko is using all methods…