Mein Beitrag zu der Debatte zur Situation der Uigure in China

„Madam President, when we receive heavy reactions from China one might think it shows that they are strong, but in reality, it shows the opposite – they are weak, because they know what they are doing with their own people is morally wrong. The mass imprisonment and the violation of human rights are just unacceptable.
The Chinese Government knows that they are also violating their own rules, and they are breaching international treaties as well. China has been endorsing the norm of responsibility to protect. It is China’s responsibility to protect its own citizens, and we need to make sure that they follow these rules and adhere to the minimum standard.
Here, we in the EU, can only achieve anything to save the Uyghurs in China if Europe stands together and stands united. We need to continue the pressure and call out China for what they are doing. Without a consistent strategy, Europe will not be able to make any difference to the life of the people living in China. However, it is not only the governments and the politicians who need to follow the commonly agreed strategy which is based on the protection of human rights.
It is also up to the companies and businesses which are currently making a fortune in China and also in Xinjiang. Without them, our strategy will not work“

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